Hrady a zámky

Len málo krajín sa môže pochváliť množstvom hradov a zámkov ako Slovensko.

Nádherná príroda

Slovensko sa môže pýšiť nádhernou prírodou.


Slovensko sa môže pýšiť nádhernými jaskyňami.


Relax in one of the Golf resorts in Slovakia.

Shortly about us

We are a company focused on development of tourism, guidance and consultancy, organizing informational journeys for journalists and professional communities; publisher of the yearbook The Travel Guide of the Slovak Republic.


Director of the company has been conferred the honour “Personality of Tourism” in 2004 in the category “Promoting the Slovak Tourism”. It’s been the first time ever, when a Slovak entity was granted this honour.


We are members of the journalist organization Club FIJET SLOVAKIA, which associates Slovak journalists writing and publishing texts focused on tourism. In cooperation with journalist organization F.I.J.E.T. (partner of UNWTO and UNESCO) we distribute abroad information about Slovakia. This international journalists´ organization regularly awards the Golden Apple – internationally recognized appreciation of quality of services in tourist resorts within the member countries of F.I.J.E.T.
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